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Here is a list of what to put on a resume?

1. Job title

In the summary, it is better to indicate only one position for which you are applying: a recruiter should immediately see which position is interesting for you.

2. Progress

Recruiters always (!) Pay attention to this item. Do not write streamlined phrases: “I participated in the organization of the exhibition.” Give facts and figures: “I took an active part in organizing the exhibition: I attracted 10 free information partners, 8 speakers, signed a lease agreement for the hall with a 12% discount …”.

3. Experience

Do not make a long resume. Ideally, it should be no more than 2 pages. Describe the last 10 years of work experience or 3-4 previous jobs. All that was before, briefly mention (company name, position, results). Describe the experience, starting with the last, – the last experience should be at the top of the list.

4. Wage level

Must comply with market conditions. Evaluate your experience, study similar candidate resumes, vacancies. Choose an average salary.

To get more feedback, it’s better to show flexibility and indicate the desired salary a few percent below the average.

Moving on, what to put on a resume?

5. Contacts and photography

Leave the correct phone numbers and email addresses. The latter is best composed of a combination of your name and surname. Non-serious variations on the theme (dracosha @ …, yagodka @ …) and are perceived accordingly.

Links to your pages in social networks can be mentioned only if they can demonstrate your professional skills: for example, when the work is related to the management of social networks, Internet promotion.

6. Duties

Do not copy them from job descriptions. Write simply and clearly what you did in your previous job.

7. Portfolio

Specify correct references to jobs that are associated with a future position.

8. Additional education and languages

Mention of courses and additional training is justified if your knowledge is related to future work.

Specify in the summary only those foreign languages ​​that you know well. If your asset has only one foreign language and you own it at a basic level, also mention it in the summary.

9. Qualities and skills

Specify only specific skills and qualities that are most in demand for the chosen profession.

10. Hobby

Specify hobbies that are related to your profession or emphasize business skills.