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The final text of the summary should be a squeeze, from which everything that can in principle be removed without losing meaning is removed: introductory words, epithets, participial and verbal participles, extra verbal adjectives and nouns.

Bad: I was engaged in the organization of the inventory in the company’s divisions. Carried out the organization of tenders, in particular, the preparation of an extensive package of documents on this issue.

Better: taking inventories in company divisions. Preparation of a package of documents for tenders. The shorter and simpler the sentences, the better.

Keywords for how to make a resume

Insert word markers into your resume that a recruiter can find him through a search. For example, if you are a marketer, then your resume may contain the words: SWOT-analysis, Google-analytics, Google AdWords, etc.

Think about what keywords are related to your profession, presenting what terms the recruiter will use when searching for a resume. Use information from jobs that interest you.

Transmittal letter

In the new paragraph, briefly describe your achievements and basic skills (“led the department”, “participated in projects” and so on). This paragraph should not be longer than three or four sentences.

The third paragraph is the key to the recruiter’s heart. Write in it why you want to work in the company and why you think your candidacy is suitable. Try to avoid banal phrases like “I consider work in your company an opportunity for further development”.

To finish the resume is taken a phrase confirming your readiness to drive up for an interview: “Thank you for your attention and I will be glad to meet to answer your questions!”.

Resume Check for how to make a resume

When the work is finished, we advise you to carefully go through the text two or three times, correcting errors and editing not very successful phrases. Mistakes in the headlines, company names and positions are especially alarming the employer.

If you want to show a resume to someone else, choose a person with experience as a recruiter – otherwise you are guaranteed to get a lot of unnecessary advice. If you are considering several different positions — for example, a sales manager and a sales manager, make two different resumes.

Remember: each profession has its own characteristics. The differences between the “subcultures” of different professions do not allow making the only correct instruction for all. We have collected only general tips that apply to all applicants.