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You can guess or refer to luck, but one thing is clear: good preparation gives good results. For this reason, it is better to think seven times and write an excellent resume once. It will give you the job you need, a smart leader, career opportunities and everything that you dream about. You have to know how to do a resume.

In this article you will find tips on how to do a resume accountant, manager, lawyer, engineer, director, manager, economist or any other specialist. All the above recommendations are of a basic nature and do not depend on the profession.

Four facets of how to do a resume

1. Literacy

The absence of mistakes, typographical errors, youth slang is a necessary and, possibly, the most important aspect of resume writing. Most important because if the document has a lot of errors, it can simply be thrown away, not paying attention to everything else.

To correctly draw up a resume for a job you need to write it correctly.

2. Job matching

You respond to a published vacancy or simply write to the personnel manager – it does not matter. In both cases, you need to submit what you want to do in the company and write a resume in accordance with this.

Pointing out extra things, you confuse the employer and give birth to unnecessary questions.

Examples of correct and incorrect resume writing

  • If you are going to work as an accountant, there is no need to mention passing courses in website creation or interior design.
  • If you are going to be a cook, you can omit the completed accounting courses.
  • If you go to work as a programmer, do not write about sales skills.

And so on.

If in doubt to write or not to write about any experience or skill – write. It is better to answer the employer’s questions at the interview than to be left without an invitation for an interview at all.

3. Reasonable summary volume

Half a page is not enough, three pages is a lot, 1-2 pages is optimal. Of course, it is desirable to meet one page, but it is not always possible to do this without serious consequences. Sometimes, in order to make a resume correctly, it’s better to describe your experience and achievements more comprehensively and make a two-page resume than to save on words and try to describe your professionalism with a couple of minor phrases.