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Of course, a one-page summary is faster to read than a two-page one. But this simply means that the recruiter decides more quickly whether to call the applicant. How many pages a resume should be?

A one-page resume will still be thrown into the basket if recruiters cannot find the qualifications they are looking for. Length of resume does not matter if your skills and experience were buried.

It is not so much the length that is important as how quickly you can attract the recruiter’s attention. Since you only have about six seconds, your first page – the first 1/3 of this page – should be a stopper if you want the rest of your application to be read.

Perhaps the following recommendation may seem vague to you, but the length of the resume should be such that you want to invite you for an interview. As a rule, the length of the summary should be a maximum of 2-3 pages, but there may be exceptions. How many pages a resume should be?

The summary length is one page if:

  • You held several positions with one employer.
  • You have less than eight years of experience.
  • You radically change the direction of your career, and your previous experience does not matter for a new goal.

The summary length is two pages if:

  • You have more than eight years of experience.
  • The scope of your professional activity requires certain technical, engineering or other skills that describe quite a lot of space.

The size of the summary is three pages and more if:

  • You have held senior management positions for a long time and have not only a solid track record, but also many professional achievements.
  • You work in the field of science or education, and have a large list of publications, speeches, patents, licenses, etc.

In summaries that are larger than one page, applications can be used after the second page.