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How to make a resume? First, the purpose of a resume is not to get a job, but to receive an invitation for an interview. It is necessary to make a resume not for yourself, but for its recipient.

Secondly, it is necessary to draw up a summary so that the document is easy to read, and key information can be seen even with a cursory view, using the same style throughout the document:

  • headers,
  • lists,
  • indents,
  • all elements of structural design.

Avoid large pieces of text and do not abuse bold, italics or other means of selection. Try to use the most common fonts, for example, Times New Roman or Arial, the font size should not be less than 11. Make a resume only on the computer: no one will read the handwritten version. How to make a resume?

In the process of writing it, you need to:

  • Put your self in the employer’s place.
  • Be short and write on the case, indicating only what might also be of interest.
  • Indicate solely these records that are true.
  • Describe the trip in reverse chronological order, starting with the final location of work.
  • Describe your accomplishments and a listing of the roles and movements you have taken to get them.
  • Indicate at the very beginning of the precis statistics that sincerely shows that you are appropriate for this position.
  • Do no longer include poor activities and emotions in the summary.
  • Specify extra training information that is applicable to the job.
  • Highlight key factors to which you want to draw attention.
  • Italicize essential data that can give you weight in the eyes of the employer.
  • Keep within 2-3 pages. Sometimes a resume on one web page is enough.

How to make a resume?

•          Do now not make a precis of one for all occasions! Each time, for every new job, make a separate resume. Do not be lazy to adjust your resume taking into account facts about the company-employer that you have.

•          The CV should persuade the company that you are the exceptional match for the job. After reading your resume, ask yourself: “Would I have employed this candidate?”

•          Looking at your resume, the corporation need to understand in which part of it he will be able to find the facts he needs. Therefore, there be adequate “empty” house in your resume so that your eyes do not run up and comments can be made.